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It all began in the early 90’s, when health concerns were rising regarding the poor nutritive content of bread products on the market. Low in protein and fiber and high sugar, standard bread at the time was contributing to various health problems. That’s when the Chayeb family decided to create a whole-wheat, sugar-free healthy alternative.
Using the traditional methods of our ancestors, Chayeb family began sourcing the finest quality of wheat, to grind and knead it in the same conventional way so as to maintain the grain 's highest nutritional content.

In 1995, Chayeb bread was already established as the first bakery in Lebanon to produce whole wheat bread, and began to expand across the market. Today, this health-friendly concept includes new products such as Kaak, Les Festives and many others, all prepared from whole wheat flour from the bakery 's very own mills, to deliver the same high quality and great taste.
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